Are you sated?

The food we put into our belly is key to health and weight loss.  I say again, food is the key!  There are times when I’m talking to people about food and I want to tell them to just eat home cooked food.  Yes, fast food is cheaper upfront, however when your health fails and you have hefty medical bills, you might start to rethink this idea.

The feeling of being sated, or full, is something that most of us think of after having stuffed ourselves with way too much.  I’ve been there and I’m sure you have too!  You’ve eaten so much that you just want to give in to the food coma that’s creeping within you, and sometimes you do.  However, the issue with eating all of that junk is that you’re not satisfying our body.  Have you ever noticed that within a few hours you’re feeling hungry again?  Weird when you think about it, huh?

It’s hard to think, but simply having real food will change you.  Real food though, what’s that?  Perhaps I mean all that super snobby expensive stuff they sale down at Whole Foods, or maybe some specialty place like that.  Well I’m not.  I personally don’t care to give it a label, though some may call it paleo, primal, low carb high fat aka LCHF, or keto (please note there are tons of eating lifestyles that share similarities with these eating habits), I like to think of it as just eating real clean food.

How do I feel after eating? So full that usually I eat once a day.   Never fear, I’m far from starving!   One thing is for sure, eating the way that I do I feel full most of the day without worry.  My diet, if you will, consists of protein, healthy fats, veggies, nuts, and the occasional cheat food.  Yes, you heard me correctly, I didn’t mention sugar, grains, starches, or processed foods and I’m kept full by eating foods such steak and creamed spinach, shredded pork and fajita style veggies, or bacon and eggs; sounds tasty doesn’t it?!  The hardest part is giving it a try!

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